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aurora 3.0

graphic identity, 2022

sue the state!

auroramÄlet, a group of young people suing the swedish government, handed in their lawsuit to the responsible stockholm court in connection to a demonstration 2022/11/25.

to mark this next stage in the process, aurora needed a new look to be more *in your face* and confrontational but also versatile and grassroots.


i chose le murmure by jérémy landes of the velvetyne type foundry as the display typeface and aileron by dot colon for the body.


i wanted to encourage playfulness and experimentation with my proposal, so the colors and graphic elements are all made to work well together.

there are no dictated color combinations or specific layouts that need to be followed.


>simon lagerlöf petéus< has taken my design and translated it into a beautiful website
(that even got featured on swedish tv!).