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#röst för rättvisa

posters for fridays for future sweden, 2022

pre-election campaign

in advance to the swedish elections on the 11th of september 2022, i worked on creating a temporary graphic identity for fridays for future swedens mobilisation, both for print and social media.

the colors and motives are loud and chaotic and i'm often using a lot of layered textures as i try to bring the feeling and ethos of screen-print grassroots posters into the digital era.

because fff is a movement, not an organisation, this graphic identity is not a rule, or even a guideline, but just a suggestion that can be remixed and repurposed.

call to action

for the last strike before the election, i made a poster which is textured by the entirety of fff sweden's recently published call to action, which details all the change neccessary for a just sustainable transition.
i also designed the document itself, which you can download here:

>call to action (sv)<