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people not profit

sticker, 2022

röst för rättvisa

sticker, 2022

these stickers were created as a way to diversify fridays for future stockholm's mobilisation efforts. they are put up by activists and distributed at strikes. the idea was to create designs that would work better with the street art and graffiti they would be surrounded by, and have a more artistic approach than the digital and larger print designs that we use.


this design was created by cutting masking tape into thin strips which were then arranged into writing on a cutting mat. the result was then scanned in.


inspired by graffiti, this design is created in blender and consists of a group of 3d-letters that i designed and arranged in a 3-dimensional space to layer on top of each other.

announcement sticker

for the announcement of our protest in june, i created this sticker with the strike's motto. it is sharpie on cardboard, photographed and complimented by some digital elements. this creates a certain depth and subtle complexity.